XP/RAM Rollers



The characteristics of "XP/RAM" rollers with spaced rubber rings are identical to those of the "XP" basic roller in the various versions, i.e.:

  • High load capacity.
  • Hermetically sealed bearings thanks to a multiple labyrinth seal with cover plate.
  • Standard rigid radial ball bearings with lifetime lubrication and oil-tight shields.
  • Monobloc bearing shell turned and welded to the tube.
  • Ground steel shaft.
  • Availability with different tube lengths, shafts and in different versions.


"XP/RAM" return rollers with spaced rubber rings use the D60 mm diameter "XP.20" unit and the D89 mm diameter "XP.25" and "XP.30" units as the basic rollers, to which D108 and D133 diameter rubber rings are fitted, closer together towards the ends of the roller and more widely spaced at the centre by means of tubular plastic distance collars.

"XP/RAM" return rollers with spaced rubber rings are normally used on the return side of the belt when transporting material that can adhere to the belt surface, leading to tracking errors. Material that adheres to smooth rollers causes uneven increase of the diameter with resulting force exerted on the belt causing it to skew to one side.

"XP/RAM" return rollers with rubber rings prevent material that has adhered to the belt from being transferred to the rollers and therefore prevent the build-up of encrustations with consequent uneven diameter increase of the rollers.

Dimensions shown in millimetres
Technical specifications and dimensions
Basic Roller D DA d Ch Bearing A R Max load Kg
XP.20 60 108 20 17 6204.2RS B+20 B-18 650
89 133
XP.25 89 133 25 18 6305.2RS B+24 B-18 850
XP.30 89 133 30 22 6206.2RS B+24 B-18 1200