Modular rollers
for garland conveyor systems


"Multiroll" are the evolved alternative to classic garland type conveyor systems.

"Multiroll" are composed of:

  • A series of identical rollers interconnected by chain links; the number of component rollers varies in accordance with belt width; *1
  • Two terminal hooks made of high strength spheroidal cast iron.


The use of "Multiroll" brings numerous benefits:

  • If a single roller element breaks there's no need to change the entire "Multiroll";
  • Quick and easy installation and removal of individual roller elements;
  • Spare parts inventory reduced to a single item irrespective of the belt width;
  • Increased trough depth and hence load capacity of the conveyor;
  • Flexibility in a transverse direction with respect to the belt and rigidity in a longitudinal direction;
  • Centring in feeding positions;
  • Correct belt tracking;
  • Smooth movement of component rollers;
  • High abrasion and impact resistance;
  • Reduced deterioration and wear of belts;
  • Faster conveyor speed.

In the event of application in positions subject to particularly high loading stresses the "Multiroll" can be mounted on specifically designed support frames equipped with pad-type shock absorbers. *2

Dimensions shown in millimetres
Technical specifications and dimensions
Belt width A B Number of elements Weight Kg
500 560 766 4 9,52
650 710 916 5 11,47
800 860 1066 6 13,42
1000 1160 1366 8 17,32
1200 1310 1516 9 19,27