GSS Rollers



The main characteristics of "GSS" rollers are their extreme versatility and ultra-high performance:

  • Conveyed materials, even high-tack products, are not retained by the roller;
  • No diameter increase of the roller, which would otherwise result in sideways skewing of the belt with consequent egress of material and damage to the conveyor.

The "GSS" construction system allows fast replacement in the event of wear of the shaft and the bearing/labyrinth seals assembly.


"GSS" squirrel cage return rollers with mild steel coils are fitted on the return side of the conveyor belt.

The use of "GSS" rollers is critical when conveying high humidity and/or tacky materials.

The completely open structure allows this type of roller to keep the conveyor belt constantly clean.

Dimensions shown in millimetres
Technical specifications and dimensions
Belt width B De d A R Ch Bearing Weight Kg
400 508 110 20 B+20 B-20 Standard 17 (or on request) 6204.2RS 5,82
450 558 6,23
500 608 6,64
600 708 7,46
650 758 7,87
700 808 8,28
800 958 9,51
1000 1158 11,15
1200 1408 13,20